Thursday, October 22, 2009

Redkick - Demo

Redkick is street punk ‘n’ ska band formed in Metz, France in 2004, from the ashes of the former Section Molotov, ska band. The original lineup consisted of Ptit Jeff (former Section Molotov Voodoo Devils), Kulmok (ex Neophyte), Fouad (ex Molotov Section) and twins (Julian and Antho). They released a 8track demo in 2005.

today lineup is
lead vocals: FOUAD
guitar :ptit JEFF
bass : big JEFF
drums: MALIK

Red Kick is clearly anti-racist and anti-fascist band and they support multiple events in that direction.-yJURAy-

Genre: Oi!
Year: 2005


sorry don't have tracklist