Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dead Alley - No Titled

Dead Alley is one of Semarang fastcore band that was born around mid-July 2008. They are xLinx (vocals), Roel (vocals), xRiskax (drums), Ill_Brat (bass) and xVividx (guitar). Dead Alley (DXA) affected Homicide, xDIE FASTx, xFLOWER VIOLENCEx, Thinking Straight, Youth Of Today, Fuck On The Beach, What Happens Next, Capitalist Casualtiest, DRI The lyrics of the song featured DXA hard life, elegy of life, scene, packaged in a fairly short time.

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2009


01. (Intro) Pengkhianatan Adalah..
02. Kata Adalah Senjata
03. Untied
04. Akal Sehat
05. This Time
06. Look At My Eyes!!
07. No Domination
08. Semangat Tak Pernah Mati
09. Mari Membajak
10. (Outro) Bubar!


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