Thursday, October 8, 2009

Instant Asshole - Straight Edge Failure

Burnt Ramen cheiftan John the Baker teamed up with some east bay punks (including Bill Strung Up) and in just over a year Instant Asshole has become one of the most active and circle pit inducing bands in the bay area. Playing non stop locally and hitting every small town in California on the Blackout Bloc tour with MDC, they have developed their sound and gotten super tight. Now on this, their debut album, they absolutely rage. Musically I.A. is the bay areas missing link between D.K.'s, M.D.C., D.R.I., and S.T.F.U. w/ JTB spewing the songs he'd of been writing and singing "if I hadn't quit drinking when I was just 21 years old..." Recorded by Greg (Brainoil) and Sal (Asunder) at Earhammer Studios in Oakland these are vile punk anthems and sick hardcore for this Fucked up world and your Fucked up face.--Tankcrimes

Genre: Punk
Year: 2006


01. 7th Heaven
02. Our Time
03. M.F.B.W.
04. Problems
05. Ate My Rent
06. Straight Edge Failure
07. The Pit
08. Road Rage
09. Instant Asshole
10. Fucked Up Face
11. Satan
12. Motormouth
13. The Final Straw
14. Secret Wino Headquarters
15. Escape
16. I.A.S.
17. Bonus Track


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