Saturday, October 3, 2009

Desperate Boys Band - Demo

Desperate BOYS BAND was founded in 2003 but had vacuum until the year 2006, started by the idea of a group of children who love music to make a wing band punkrock. Then formed a band with Desperate BOYS BAND. BOYS BAND meaning here does not mean a group which contains the vocal group of men singing as many people know .. But overall mean Desperate BOYS BAND: Desperation band kids in the neighborhood and see because we have the sense of disappointment and despair personnel each !!!!!! Desperate initially formed BOYS BAND much influenced by bands within and outside the country music genre PUNK. And as time goes by Desperate BOYS BAND began creating songs by himself with the hope of all people are able to accept what they have created and conveyed through the lyrics of our songs. And in its development, in its struggle to create a band mature and solid Desperate BOYS BAND doing a lot of good changes in the concept of music as well as the formation of their personnel. Countless personnel changes have occurred as much as 4x the current formation as DHEETO Guitar and Vocals, FERRY Lead Guitar and Back Vocal, REZJA Bassist and Backing Vocals and raras on Drums ... to make them grow musically into a more solid point ..! !!!!! For more info, correspondence, bookings, etc: Ym: de3to_COOL Mobile: +6285715516787 email:

Genre: Punk
Year: 2009


01. Pukul Mundur
02. Something Happen


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