Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Proletariat - Voodoo Economics and Other American Tragedies

This 45 song manifesto is the only release I know of to fully capture the angst and rage that was American punk rock in the 80's. Pure,honest, angry calls for all of us to wake up and look around us--it sure ain't pretty. When your eyes are opened for the first time, as mine were when I first heard The Proletariat in 1983, it tends to sting. Bite the bullet, and stare that hellish reality in the eye--this band did. On some songs there is a Fall/Crass kind of feel, yet other tunes are not unlike the American hardcore scene at the time. My favorite songs are "Famine", "Events/Repeat", and "Uneasy Peace"-which features Mission of Burma's Roger Miller on piano. I highly recommend this album to anyone and everyone.--amazon

The 2CD compilation Voodoo Economics and Other American Tragedies (Taang!, 1997) contains all their recorded work, including the previously unreleased tracks "10 Years", "Abstain", "Choice" and "It's More Than Soil".

Genre: Punk
Year: 1997


01. Voodoo Economics
02. Ten Years
03. Abstain
04. Options
05. Allegiance
06. After the Rise
07. White Hands
08. Westernization
09. Decorations
10. Splendid Wars
11. Famine
12. Embraced
13. Events/Repeat
14. Another Banner Raised
15. Hollow Victory
16. Condition
17. Avoidance
18. Pictures
19. Bread and Circus
20. Blind
21. Subsidized
22. Torn Curtain
23. Purge
24. Scars
25. Decide on Change
26. No Lesser of Evils
27. Choice
28. It's More Than Soil
29. Death of a Hedon
30. Indifference
31. Pride
32. Better Man
33. Homeland
34. Columns
35. Sins
36. An Uneasy Peace
37. Recollections
38. Trail of Tears
39. The Guns Are Winning
40. Instinct
41. No Real Hope-Prelude
42. No Real Hope
43. Piecework
44. Marketplace
45. Religion Is the Opium of the Masses


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