Monday, October 5, 2009

Broken Fist - Prophecy

Group organized in July 2007, Dmitry (vocals). The first group appeared Roma (guitar), and to this day it is, but the bass playing Dima (Rituz), which at that time participated in the group Rise As One, but because of his studies he was unable to continue and had to find a replacement. As a result, the role of bassist took Alex (ex-Sevenamen). The second guitarist was Sergei (ex-Big Water). Very long searched for a drummer, finally found the Dasha, a girl drummer is quite rare, but we decided to try and not how much will be disappointed. Well, the second vocalist was Ruslan. It so happened that it was originally thought frivolous bitdaun project, without any prospects, but eventually grew into something serious and musically and ideologically, if I may say so. The summer of 2007 was recorded the first demo - recorded it all at home, so the quality leaves much to be desired. In this demo included three tracks The last drop, point of awareness, and my rage.
This was followed by concerts in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. Winter 2008 was the first studio demo - more successful than the home version. The summer of 2008 was recorded EP and after the presentation of the group left Ruslan, for personal reasons. But the guys still make friends and communicate. In late 2008, work began on new material. The result of which you see before you. If you liked it - purchase CDs!

Genre: Beatdown
Year: 2009


01. Intro
02. can not
03. you will not notice
04. The Prophecy
05. Plane Death
06. Dust
07. The Illusion of Life (feat Villainz United)
08. Freedom for those who buy it
09. This Town
10. Point of Awareness
11. Thousands of years
12. War
13. Broken Fist (feat Post Mortem)


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