Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gonna Get Yours - The Hidden Side Of Happiness

With HARDxTIMES ex-, ex-Bored to Death, ex-hibitionists ... The band was created in 2005. We recorded 5 songs in october, 2006. Gonna Get Yours is an Antiracist Oi! band. Cheers! Gonna Get Yours begins to repeat the end of 2005 with Sir D on bass, Lord J on vocals, Don C Iky guitar and drums. Iky unwilling to do more Oi! but the Cumbia, he leaves, his heart heavy, the group. Our young lads to fill the cruel absence of their friend and rhythm, are forced to recruit CDI Duke A. .. The group will never be the same. Then enjoy a massive reduction in payroll taxes, Gonna Get Yours hires a young rocker Julian as a bassist, Sir D from then 2nd guitar. But soon Julien alpagué by competition, an obscure brand of Bulgarian yoghurt, leaving us ... Fortunately it was quickly replaced by Lady M. After much turmoil, holidays, the band recorded 5 tracks finally end in October 2006. The curse on relentlessly GGY, Duke decided to leave the box to devote himself solely to the production of canned tartiflettes ... Never mind, it's Enigmatic F which take over from him in April 2007! Latest twist in early 2008, Sir D decides to leave the adventure after the concert of Rennes, to take better care of him ... The group, not an agency, decides to remain at 4!.-myspace-

Genre: Oi!
Year: 2009


sorry don't have tracklist



Anonymous said...

what is it - " Gonna get Yours is a group of Oi! racism" ? Its RAC ?

Don C. said...

Hi, I'm the guitarist of Gonna Get Yours!!
No, GGY isn't a RAC band but "an antiracist Oi! Band". Sorry, but this text is a bad translation of our text on MySpace (
Thanx for your support, but can you change this error on this blog please??
Cheers!/Don C.

Anonymous said...

Hello! thnx for your answer.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

can I add this album on other sites?

Don C. said...

I don't know where you can add our Ep... Sorry!
By the way, my message is for the webmaster of this blog: Can you change the text about us, pleas? Because you write "Gonna Get Yours is a group of Oi! racism" but it's an error!!!! Thank you!
Cheers!/Don C.